Elin Härkönen

"The girl with an overcoming story, who lives to help, inspire and motivate"

My passion is to help inspire and motivate people to live the BEST life they possibly can.
I know from experience that life can change from one second to another.
We never know what will happen next and no one should take life for granted.
I got a second chance and it has given me a new perspective of life
and therefor I want to encourage people to make the MOST
out of the time they’ve got.

I used to be an elite athlete, Swedish Champion and representing Sweden at 
World Championships.
My dream was to become the BEST in the World.

My sport was my life and I did everything I could to be the best I could possibly be. 
Sacrificed a lot? Yes, but for me it was worth it. 

One day my whole life turned upside down. 
I had an terrible accident and broke my neck. 
It was a miricle that I was still alive, but no one knew how
my future looked like. 
Would I be able to live an active life again? 
Would I be able to run and do handstands? 

Some people were doubting. 
But not me. 
There were NO option. I would recover.
I would get my active life back. 

I was willing to fight. 
Not only for myself.
I did it because I wanted to prove people wrong.
I wanted to show people that
"NOTHING is impossible"
I wanted to inspire, help
and motivate people to
NEVER give up. 

I believed in myself .
Thanks to my mindset and driving force,
and the supportive people around me, 

It has not been easy,
and I know how it is to go through dark
periods of life... 
But I also know how wonderful it is
on the other side...

I want to INSPIRE
I want to MOTIVATE
I want to HELP YOU to get the life you always wanted. 

 I know how important it is with the right support. 
I want to be that support for you,
to reach a balance in life. 

I believe the key to life is finding a
balanced lifestyle, with exercise, healthy eating habits,
being surrounded by positive people and doing
the things YOU love. 

I have the experience, the tools
and the knowledge to help you reach this balance

Are you ready to find what works best for YOU

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